Our Team

True to the terms Degree Census associates ourselves with; “dynamic” and “energetic”, the team behind the name is a bonded and vitalized bunch, each member having developed expertise and expansive industry know-how in at least one particular field. We aim to inspire our clients with our work.

Lead Consultant

Our Lead Consultant, Ms Sharon Kok has led numerous projects in the market research industry that involves a plethora of methodologies, sample sizes, analysis and presentations. She has worked with clients from Government Ministries, Statutory Boards and major local and multi-national corporations. She has also conducted several qualitative studies, including focus group sessions involving C-level management, members of the public and target groups specified by clients and so on.

As the lead, Sharon not only oversees projects from start to end, but is personally involved in every step of the way. Always contactable and approachable, she exerts quality control on every project completed by Degree Census. Sharon believes in listening closely to and meeting her clients’ needs. She readily shares her past experiences and value adds to the project wherever relevant.

Sharon’s extensive experience and knowledge in both research methodologies and analytics has enabled her to ensure that the best results are produced in every aspect of the project. She is highly appraised by clients and has made significant contributions to the increasing clientele base in Degree Census over the years.

Sharon graduated from the National University of Singapore with a First Class Honours in Economics, Valedictorian of Arts and Social Sciences Faculty.

Lead Statistician

Ms Joanne Toh is the Lead Statistician in Degree Census. She leads the team of Data Analysts to deliver quality data and statistical analysis. Having graduated with a 2nd Upper Honours Degree in Statistics (Mathematical Sciences) from the Nanyang Technological University, Joanne is highly proficient and knowledgeable in several statistical programmes which include the SPSS, SAS, R, XLSTAT, STATA and Microsoft Excel. In addition, she is familiar and well-versed in statistical analysis and tests, including but not limited to Regression, Multivariate Analysis, Conjoint analysis, Factor analysis, Cluster analysis, Factor Analysis, Contingent Valuation and so on. Her strong technical knowledge is complemented by her wide-ranging experience in leading statistical work for numerous large-scale research studies, ensuring that she always has and uses the most optimal solutions for every project she oversees.

Her attention to details, accurate analysis of results and prompt response to clients and their deadlines has earned her the trust of every client. Her interest and passion in the area of statistics has pushed her to pursue advanced statistical knowledge and skills and expanded her repertoire of solutions to better meet our clients’ needs.

Senior Operations Manager

Ms Amy Lin is overall in charge of the operations and fieldwork at Degree Census. She is thoroughly familiar with data collection for various methodologies that include Face to Face interviews, mystery shop surveys, phone interview, online survey, in-depth interviews, street-intercepts and mail-out surveys. She is the lead for several large-scale projects that involve sample sizes of no less than 3,000 for both public agencies and private organisations.

Amy has personally trained hundreds of field interviewers and mystery shoppers under her supervision. With her strong leadership and field knowledge, she has formed highly competent teams of interviewers specialising in the various research methodologies and committed to deliver accurate and reliable data. Amy’s extensive experiences, strong critical thinking and resourcefulness has contributed to the success of several fieldwork projects.

Research Consultants

Our team of research consultants is highly competent in quantitative and qualitative analysis. Being graduates in Sociology, Psychology and Statistics fields, these consultants are able to apply their knowledge effectively in their reporting analysis. A dynamic and hardworking team who puts in great amount of efforts in drawing insightful analysis in every project they embark on.

Operations Consultants

Our team of operations consultants specialises in the various research methodologies. Their specialised experiences in each field enables them to react quickly and be resourceful in coming up with the best solutions to achieve quality data collection. Each operations consultant trains a team of professional interviewers who are adept in their specialised research methodology. The synergy between the operations consultants and their fieldworkers has led to successful achievement of every data collection task assigned to them.

Validation Team

Validation is a key process in ensuring the integrity and quality of data collected. Our team is detailed and vigilant in their audits, both phone and on-site validation checks. Their strict adherence to the validation requirements has contributed not only to good quality data, but also to a rigorous and highly effective training scheme for our interviewers.

Interviewers / Fieldworkers Team

Our interviewers are experienced and highly adept in their specialised methodology. Each interviewer has on average 3 to 5 years of experience and has been involved in numerous projects with Degree Census. Collectively, our interviewers are proficient in and can conduct interviews effectively in all the official languages in Singapore, as well as several dialects and foreign languages. Most importantly, they are able to adapt to the specific needs of every project. Committed to Degree Census, our interviewers are responsible and highly motivated to accept challenges.