What We Do

Degree Census has dedicated teams for both qualitative and quantitative research. We have extensive experiences in various types of research studies such as public perception surveys, customer satisfaction and loyalty measurement studies, brand equity studies, concept testing, usage surveys, service quality assessment surveys and competitive analysis.

In Degree Census, we have trained and developed teams that are dedicated to the various methodologies.  These specialised teams constantly upgrade the technologies and skills involved to deliver their best to our clients.

Quantitative Studies

Nationwide Household Face to Face Surveys

  • Designed sampling to ensure accurate representation of target populations
  • Extensive in-house databases
  • Pen-and-paper or Computer Assisted Interviews (e.g., iPads, notebooks etc.,)
  • Multi-lingual and experienced interviewers
  • Translation services on survey instruments

Street Intercept Face to Face Surveys

  • Event surveys, straw polls, traffic counting etc.,
  • Pen-and-paper or Computer Assisted Interviews (e.g., iPads, notebooks etc.,)
  • Traffic Counting
  • Interviewers adept in both indoor and outdoor environments
  • Translation services on survey instruments
  • 24-hour availability of manpower provided

Telephone Surveys

  • Telephone surveys for both Singapore and International market
  • Dedicated Call Centre with recording and real-time audio listening facilities
  • Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing  (CATI) System
  • Multi-lingual and experienced interviewers
  • Translation services on survey instruments

Online Surveys

  • Web hosting of large scale online surveys
  • Customised online survey forms with various routing abilities
  • Secured website domain to prevent unauthorised access
  • Mass email invitation / reminders
  • 24-hour helpdesk service and technical support

Qualitative Studies

Focus Group Discussions

  • Discussion rooms that are specially catered for focus group discussions
  • In-house facilities such as video / audio recordings and real-time observations are provided
  • Sessions moderated by our Lead Consultant and Senior Consultants
  • Professional transcript writing
  • Facilities made mobile for discussions held at different venues (e.g., restaurant, function rooms etc.,)

In-Depth Interviews

  • Experienced interviewers who speciliase in in-depth interviews for a wide range of topics and target groups in both the corporate and public segments
  • Video / audio recordings provided
  • Professional transcript writing

Mystery Shop / Observational Audits

  • Extensive pool of around 500 mystery shoppers from all walks of life
  • Customised observational checklist and pool of shoppers to suit customers’ needs
  • Scenario training provided for all mystery shoppers
  • Audio recordings of audits provided
  • In-house online portal for mystery shoppers’ submission
  • Immediate data capturing of audits through online portal